Pre-Release: Ty Ill

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Article by: Justyn Brodsky


Hailing from the West Side of Baltimore, Ty Ill is a young aspiring Rapper currently honing his craft and coming into his own style and signature sound, and so far is hitting the ground running.

With anchor influences like Nas, Biggie, 2Pac, and Jay-Z, Ty started out by performing at his local open mics, opening him up to the scene and garnering a presence in his stomping grounds. It was then that he realized that music and performing had a major impact on his life and decided to expand his horizons by writing his own material.

At age 17, he wrote his debut album Hard Living that ended up being produced by a childhood friend, Don Trunk at Spitters Club Studio. Which is owned/operated by Shaka Pitts, who currently owns Pitt Fights Battle League.

Ty Ill’s first professional studio effort was in Junior High…

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Author: spidermicworldwide

music producer,artist,composer and writer you can listen to some of my material at

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